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Blue Dots with Rim, BD-13450-G

Sold in pairs. Install your own blue dots in, we offer just the glass dot with a chrome rim. SEE SPECIAL PRICING ON THIS INVENTORY CLEARANCE ITEM!
$10.00 $5.00

Hub Cap & Trim Ring Removal Tool, TL-110

Safely removes trim rings, hub caps and lug nuts without damaging anything. The Wheel Wizard is an ingenious tool made entirely of high grade steel that won’t bend or break. Features a ½" square socket-drive end for lug nut socket. Also works great as an extended handle for hydraulic or mechanical jacks. It’s the coolest wheel tool yet for every-day shop use or roadside emergencies. Keep one in the car and another handy in the shop. Makes a perfect gift. Lug-nut socket not included SEE SPECIAL INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE PRICE!
$45.00 $40.00

Key Fob - "FORD" Script, KC-1

Key chain, chrome with blue oval

Key Fob - "FORD" Script, KC-2-Blue

Key chain, plastic with slide in return address lable

Key Fob - "FORD" Script, KC-2-While

Key chain, plastic with slide in return address lable

Running Board Step Plate Emblems, A-16400-E

Ford oval, blue porcelain, pair. 2" wide x 1" tall. OUT OF STOCK