Battery Related Parts

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Battery Box Assembly, 78-700740

All 1937-1938, 1939 Standard cars, 1937-1939 pickup. AVAILABLE-ALLOW 1-2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY

Battery Box Lower Frame, 68-5153

Car & Pickup, 1935-1936

Battery Cable Grommet, B-14434

Rubber frame grommet, fits in 1.25" diameter hole, 1932-1934 passenger & pickup

Battery Cable Holder, 48-14433

Rubber with Ford script, mounts at transmission, 1935-1937 passenger & pickup

Battery Cover, 48-7000336

Stamped steel, 1935-1936 car & pickup

Battery Disconnect Switch, A-14300-C

Terminal mount switch, brass, attaches directly to battery post and requires no modification to install. Loosening green knob disconnects battery.

Battery Disconnect Switch, A-14300-D

Permanent mount switch, metal, requires some modification to install.

Battery Disconnect Switch, SR-14300

Removable key type, molded plastic with a red removable key