Body (taillight) Harness, 1946-1948, 51A-14405A

1946-1948 Deluxe, super deluxe & Mercury, except station wagon. Includes wiring to RH taillight. B-14487 (small) wire connectors available separately .
SKU: 51A-14405A

This harness is a copy of original factory wiring with color coded cloth covered wire.  Harnesses come with wiring diagrams for ease of installation.  Other wiring also available, see index for specific section.  Wire connector sleeves and frame clips are not included and may be ordered as needed, see wire connectors and frame clips section.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Per Car1
Year1946-1948 Deluxe
Year1946-1948 Super Deluxe
Year1946-1948 Mercury
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