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Bumper, 01A-17757

Chrome plated, front or rear, 1940 car & 1940-1941 pickup front & 1940 car front. Also fits some early 1941 cars.

Bumper, 01A-17757-F

Chrome plated with "Ford" script, 4" x 1-1/4", 1940 car, front or rear & 1940-1941 pickup, front only

Bumper, 40-17757

Front or rear, chrome plated, 1934 car

Front Bumper, 21A-17757-CS

Chrome plated, 1942-1946 car. Also fits rear. OUT OF STOCK

Front Bumper, 6A-17757-C

Chrome plated, 1947-1948 car. OUT OF STOCK

Rear Bumper, 51A-17781-C

Chrome plated, "Ford" script, 1942-1946 car. NOTE: Front bumper 21A-17757-CS is the same as this bumper except for no FORD script and will fit the rear. OUT OF STOCK

Rear Bumper, 6A-17781-C

Chrome plated, 1947-1948 car & pickup. OUT OF STOCK .