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Joe's Antique Auto parts catalog. 152 illustrated pages. OUT OF STOCK-2021 version of our catalog available on this site for your printing. However for current pricing of all products please search shopping section of this website.
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Wire Connector Sleeve, Small Size, B-14487

1932-1948 Car & pickup. This is the connector most commonly used on out harnesses. Connects the bullet wire ends (Up to 18 gauge). To completely wire your 32-37 vehicle approximately 20 required, 38-48 vehicles approximately 25 required.

Track Bar & Shock Bushing, 51A-18197

Rubber, 1942-1948 passenger

Spark Plug, 40-12405-C

Champion, 18mm, 1933-1937 car & pickup

Spark Plug, 7RA-12405-C

Champion, 14mm, 1938-1954 car & pickup

Lower Radiator Hose 78-8286

1932-1938, 1939 standard & all 1942-1948, no script, 1 3/4" x 6" long, V8 (Use B-8287 clamps)

Brake Shoe Return Spring, B-2036

Lower, for mechanical brakes, 3 1/2" long, 1928-1934 OUT OF STOCK