Clutch Pedal Parts and Bushings

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1939 Clutch Release Shaft Arm 91A-7511

Release shaft arm (less shaft)

1939 Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly 91A-2473-K

Pedal assembly (Used to add hydraulic brakes to 1935-1938 cars & pickups. Accepts either original style 3 bolt master cylinder or later 2 bolt Ford unit with dual reservoirs).

48-2470-A Brake Shaft Bushing

1935-38 Car & truck with mechanical brakes. Machined steel bushing with brass insert. 3.80" long x 1.06" OD x .875 ID

91A-2470 Brake Shaft Bushing

1939 Car & truck. Machined steel bushing with brass insert. 3.625 long x 1.1875 OD x .875 ID

Brake and Clutch Pedal Retracting Springs 01A-7523

Passenger & pickup, 17.30" long

Clutch & Brake Pedal Bushing 01A-7526

Car only, set of 2, 1 set required per pedal