Door Seals

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Back Of Door Seal, 11A-7020546

1941-1948 Tudor & Coupe. Extruded sponge rubber fits left hand or right hand side. Kit does one car. M-500 adhesive sold separately.

Back Of Door Seal, 11A-7020548

Lower back of corner seal, pair, 1941-1948 car

Back Of Door Seal, 11A-7320546

1941-1948 Fordor

Back Of Door Seal, 11A-7620546

1941-1948 Convertible

Door Hinge Seal, 11A-701884/5

Pair, 1941-1948 closed cars

Door Hinge Seal, 11A-701884/5-C

Pair, 1941-1948 Convertibles

Door Hinge Seal, 48-701884/5

Pair, 1935-1936 all body styles.

Door Hinge Seal, 78-701884/5

Pair, 1937 all closed cars