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8BA-6505/10-KIT, Engine Valve Kit

Includes (16) each of 8BA-6510 solid guides, 8BA-6505 valves, 40-6512 guide retainers, 78-6513 valve springs, 8BA-6514 spring keepers, 7HA-6518 valve lock key, & (8) 8BA-6571 O-ring seals. Tappets not included but sold separately.

Camshaft Adapter 11A-6280

Distributor to camshaft adapter, (extension that fits into early camshaft to use with 1942-1948 distributor)

Camshaft Bearings 01A-6260-S-STANDARD SIZE

Bearings, 3 pieces, standard, V8 STANDARD SIZE

Camshaft Gear 48-6306

22 tooth, V8, steel

Camshaft Gear 8BA-6306

Steel, for 8BA engine

Camshaft Gear Bolts 350400-S

Camshaft gear lock ring washer bolt set of 4

Camshaft Gear Washer 91A-6258

Camshaft gear lock ring washer

Camshaft Rear Small Gear, 18-6254-A

85 & 95 HP, round ID