Exhaust System

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Cross Over Pipe, 48-5267

V8, 1935-1936 cars & pickups

Cross Over Pipe, 51A-5267

V8, 1942-1948 cars only. DISCONTINUED

Cross Over Pipe, 78-5267

V8, 1937-1941 cars & pickups. DISCONTINUED

Deflector, 51A-18259-P

Polished stainless steel, plain (no script)

Exhaust Bracket, 99A-5261

Use at muffler outlet or end of tail pipe, 1-1/2"

Exhaust Deflector, 51A-18259-F

Polished stainless steel, "FORD" script embossed

Exhaust Deflector, 51A-18259-V8

Polished stainless steel, "V8" embossed

Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 18-9433

Manifold to exhaust, V8