Fuel Line Heat Shield, HR-9369-CVA

Designed to wrap around heat exposed fuel lines, cables and wires, Drake’s Heat Shield prevents high temperature damage, minimizes occurrences of vapor lock, and protects lines against the grime and ravages that accompany long hours of work and run time. Made of high temperature, heat reflective fabric, the material is pliable enough to wrap around the tightest bends and corners without crimping the internal lines and cables. Convenient easy-on, easy-off design. With a strong Velcro closure wrap, Heat Shield eliminates the need to remove connection ends for installation or removal – simply wrap around the line or cable in need of protection and secure the Velcro tight. Includes ties for end closure. Rated to 1,100 degree Fahrenheit (radiant heat). Fits diameters up to 13/16 inch. 24 inch long, ready to trim to desired length. Includes ties for end closure. Not recommended for protection against direct heat.
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