Fuel Lines and Parts

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Fuel Line , 7HC-9288

Use with 7RA-9350 (1949-1950) fuel pump. Designed for todays fuels.

Fuel Line Clip, 18-9296

Clip, fuel line to firewall

Fuel Line Nut & Ferrule, B-9243-A

Fuel line nut & Ferrule set only, use with 1/4" line

Fuel Line, 18-9282

Fuel line, tank to firewall, copper plated steel as original, includes nuts & ferrules, 1/4" x 12' long. OUT OF STOCK

Fuel Line, 18-9288

Flexible fuel line, firewall to fuel pump, 9" long, V8 & 6 cylinder. Resistant to today's fuels.

Fuel line, 1A-9288

Use with 1BA-9350 (1951-53) fuel pump. Designed for todays fuels.

Fuel Line, 91A-9369-B

Fuel line, pump to carburetor, copper nickel alloy steel, includes nuts & ferrule, 1/4" x 15" long

Fuel Line, B-9369

Steel fuel line, copper plated steel with fittings, 4 cylinder