Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit, Gaskets and Parts

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Fuel Pump Diaphragm, 68-9398

Diaphragm only, V8, designed for today's fuels.

Fuel Pump Glass Sediment Bowl, A-9158

Glass sediment bowl, glass only

Fuel Pump Mounting Stand Gasket, 40-9374

Fuel pump stand to intake manifold gasket

Fuel Pump Mounting Stand Gasket, 40-9417

Fuel pump to stand gasket. 1932-48

Fuel Pump Mounting Stand Gasket, 7RA-9417

Fuel pump to stand gasket, 1949-53 (8BA)

Fuel Pump Mounting Stand Gasket, Model B, B-9374

Fuel pump stand to block gasket, 4 cylinder. OUT OF STOCK

Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit, 11A-9349-RK

Deluxe rebuild kit with diaphragm, gaskets, valves & internal parts. Materials design for use with today's fuels. See below for more fitment information.

Fuel Pump Sediment Bowl Filter Kit, 1933-1934, A-9156-A

For fuel pump with glass bowl, 1933-1948 car & pickup. OUT OF STOCK