Gas Tank, 1935-1936 Cars, 68-9002

Cast steel threaded neck, 14 gallon capacity as original. Includes gasket for sending unit & 46-9051 lead washer for filler neck.
SKU: 68-9002

Accepts aftermarket 6 hole sending unit 99A-9275 to work with original Ford 1936-1948 gauges or after market 5 hole 12 volt sending units like VDO, Stewart Warner etc.  ORIGINAL SENDING UNITS WILL NOT FIT INTO THIS TANK. To use original 5 hole or hydrostatic (1933-1935) units purchase 40-9003 adapter kit separately.  Tanks are precision die-formed using special high-grade steel.  Each tank is made to exact factory specifications for years of everyday use with no leaks or contaminates from corrision.  Tanks are top quality by carefully pressure testing every tank we sell, one at a time.  Internal Baffles as original.  Safety Engineered. 42 5/8" x 15 3/16" x 9 1/2", 14 gallon capacity.

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