Grille Mounting Hardware

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Grille Center Hardware Kit, 01A-8242-HK

Mounts center to lower pan, upper brace & mounts safety catch, 15 pieces, 1940 Standard, 1940-1941 pickup

Grille Center Strip Hardware Kit, 01A-8418/22-HK

Mounts center strip and grille RH & LH sides to center plate panel, 13 pieces, 1940 Deluxe

Grille Hardware Kit, 01A-8206-DHK

Mounts grille RH and LH side to vent panel & chin pan, 30 pieces, 1940 Deluxe

Grille Side Hardware Kit, 01A-8206-AHK

Mounts grille RH and LH side to fender, lower pan and upper brace, 62 pieces,1940 Standard, 1940-1941 car & pickup