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Horn Button for Custom Applications, HR-3627

Universal horn button, satin stainless steel

Horn Button Insulator, 11A-3672

1941-1948 cars only

Horn Button Retainer, 6A-3628

Stainless steel, holds plastic horn button onto ring, 1941-1948 cars only

Horn Button Spring, 01A-3626

1940 cars and 1940-1947 pickups

Horn Button Spring, 21A-3626

1942-1948 cars only. OUT OF STOCK

Horn Button Wire, 01A-3671-D

Top quality, by Bob Drake, 1940 cars & 1940-1947 pickups

Horn Button Wire, 11A-14308

62", 1941-1948 Super Deluxe

Horn Button Wire, 21A-14308

62", less rivet & plug, 1941-1948 Deluxe and Special