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Breaker Plate Bushing, 1GA-12120

NOT AVAILABLE, suggest purchase of 21A-12151 distributor plate.

Camshaft Adapter 11A-6280

Distributor to camshaft adapter, (extension that fits into early camshaft to use with 1942-1948 distributor)

Coil adaptor Kit, 18-12036-S

Kit for 3 bolt coil to distributor, 1932-1936 car & pickup

Coil Adaptor Kit, 78-12036-S

Kit for 2 bolt coil to distributor, 1937-1941 car & pickup

Coil Bracket, B-12000-CB

Originally for 1928-1934 4 cylinder cars & pickups but can be used with 1935-1948 models converted to use round coil.

Coil wire nut, 350830-S

Brass, 1937-1948 car & 1937-1947 pickup. OUT OF STOCK

Condensor, 18-12300-B-R

Rebuilt, Use with 18-12024 coil, 1932-1936 car & pickup. Price shown includes $25.00 core fee refundable upon return of good core. OUT OF STOCK

Condensor, 1GA-12300

Use on 1942-48 style distributors .