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Door Arm Rest Kit, A-56665-PR

Front arm rest kit, original style, 1932-1948 cars

Door Arm Rest Kit, A-56666-PR

Rear arm rest kit, all 1928-1934 sedan, original styles and Victoria

Door Arm Rest Kit, Custom Style, HR-56666-PR

Front arm rest kit, custom style with hand pull socket, 1932-1948 "Baby size" cars.

Door Panel Upholstery Clip Set, 1932-1948, B-20015

50 Pieces, 1932-1948 all style cars & pickup

Interior Trim Screw Kit, 3W & 5W Coupe, 1933-1934, 40-80903B

114 Pieces, 1933-1934 3-window & 5-window coupe. OUT OF STOCK

Interior Trim Screw Kit, 3-W Coupe, 1932, B-80903A

128 Pieces, 3-window coupe OUT OF STOCK

Interior Trim Screw Kit, 5-W Coupe, 1932, Tudor, B-80904A

147 Pieces, 5-window coupe. OUT OF STOCK