Lacing for Cowl

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Cowl Lacing Kit, 11A-16740-S

Rubber with screws, 1941-1948 car

Cowl Lacing Kit, 21C-16740-S

Cloth with screws, 1942-1956 pickup

Cowl Lacing Kit, 40-16740-S

Cloth with screws, 1933-1934 car

Cowl Lacing Kit, 48-16740-S

Cloth with screws, 1935 car & 1935-1937 pickup

Cowl Lacing Kit, 68-16740-S

Cloth with screws, 1936 car

Cowl Lacing Kit, 78-16740-S

Rubber with screws, 1937-1940 car & 1938-1941 pickup

Cowl Lacing Kit, B-16740-S

Cloth with clips, 1932 car & 1932-1934 pickup

Hood & Radiator Shell Lacing, NON ORIGINAL, SR-16739

Non-original for custom applications. 3/8" wide x 3/8" thick x 8' roll, half round shape, hollow core sponge rubber, smooth with self adhesive. For 20' roll of this seal purchase SR-701980-S.