Miscellaneous V8 Distributor Parts

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Breaker Plate Bushing, 1GA-12120

NOT AVAILABLE, suggest purchase of 21A-12151 distributor plate.

Camshaft Adapter 11A-6280

Distributor to camshaft adapter, (extension that fits into early camshaft to use with 1942-1948 distributor)

Distributor Cap Bail, 59A-12144

1946-1948 car & pickup

Distributor Cap Clip Set, 21A-12144-S

1942-1948 (crab cap), with rivets

Distributor Cap Clip, 59A-12109

1946-1948 car & pickup

Distributor Housing Bushing, 18-12132

Lower (inner), 1932-1948 car & pickup

Distributor Housing Bushing, 40-12120

Upper (outer), 1933-1941 car & pickup