600W Transmission & Rear Axle Oil, 1928-1953, M-400-L

1 quart plastic bottle. Also used in steering boxes. We offer 2 versions of this oil. This version is less expensive and has slightly less viscosity (thinner) than our other offering of M-400. See more explanation below. However, both versions are proper for use in all 1928-1953 Ford cars & pickups.
SKU: M-400-L

With the minimal use of seals & gaskets in their transmisions, and steering boxes, Ford counted on the use of this heavy oil for no (or minimal) leakage as well proper year round lubrication of the gears. We offer M-400-L (to be more price competetive with the big guys) and M-400 which has a slightly heavier viscosity and thus more effective in leak prevention.

For use in transmissions (2 3/4 pts), rear axles ( 2 1/2 pts), and steering boxes. 3 quarts (6 pints) required to do all 3.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Per CarAs Needed
Year1932-1953 Car & Pickup
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