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1941 Ford Deluxe And Super Deluxe Reference Book, 1941, VB23

Lubrication chart, detailed wiring diagrams, covers oil, headlight alignment, distributor, carburetor, instrument use, brakes, tires, and more, 64 pages, 39 illustrations.. OUT OF STOCK

Ford Passenger And Commercial Reference Book, 1939, VB22

Includes lubrication chart & wiring diagrams, contains specifications, license data, instrument use, headlight alignment, brakes, tires, shocks and more, 64 pages, 34 illustrations, 1939 car & truck. OUT OF STOCK

Ford Reference Book , 1936, VB17

Owner instructions for operation and maintenance, gives lubrication and wiring charts & servicing adjustments, 32 pages

Ford Reference Book, 1937, VB20

With Ford V-60 specifications, the regular owner instruction manual, with lubrication charts and wiring diagrams, covers oil, instrument use, distributor, carburetor adjustment, electrical, headlight alignment, and more, 64 page, 36 illustrations

Ford Reference Book, 1938, VB21

For the 85 HP engine, with Ford V-60 specifications, includes lubrication chart & wiring diagrams, contains specifications & license data, covers distributor, carburetor, brakes, shocks, and more, 64 pages, 36 illustrations,

Instruction Book Ford 4 Cylinder Cars & Trucks, 1932-1934, VB18

The owners handbook, with lubrication charts and detailed wiring diagrams, covers instrument use, headlight alignment, distributor, brakes, shocks, and more, 64 pages, 34 illustrations, 1932-1934 car & Truck

Instruction Book/Owner's Manual, 1934, VB11

Covers oil, lubrication, instrument use, distributor, headlight alignment, electrical systems, carburetor adjustment, brakes, tires, shocks, and more, includes detailed wiring diagrams, with specifications and license data, 64 pages, 24 illustrations, 1934 car

Operator's Manual, 1947, VB47

1947 Passenger Car, models 79A & 7GA, with lubrication & simplified wiring diagrams, includes a chapter on specifications, with hydraulic and hand brake system diagrams, 44 pages, 15 illustrations