Outside Door Hinge Pin Mirrors & Heads

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Hinge Pin Puller Pin Set, TL-100-P

Additional pin set for TL-100 hinge pin tool.

Hinge Pin Puller, TL-100

Made of forged steel with a heat treated bolt, stainless steel extensions pins included.

Mirror head CONVEX, CNX-17741-MH

Mirror head only, 4" stainless steel, CONVEX mirror for wider range of visibility, 1932-1940 car & 1935-1952 pickup

Mirror Head Only, Black 5", A-17741-MHB

Not authentic, 5" diameter for improved visibility & black finish, ideal for pickups wanting that commercial look. 1928-1956

Mirror Head Only, Chrome 5", A-17741-MHSR

Not authentic chrome back, 5" diameter for improved visibility. 1928-1952

Mirror Head, B-17741-MH

Mirror head only, 4" polished stainless steel back as original. 1932-1940 car & 1935-1952 pickup

Outside Door Hinge Pin Mirror, 46-17741-D

Chrome arm, by Bob Drake. 2" hinge height, 1932-1934 pickup. OUT OF STOCK

Outside Door Hinge Pin Mirror, 48-18403

Chrome, curved arm, 2 1/4" hinge height, 1935-1940 car & 1948-1952 pickup