Radiator Splash Sheilds & Mounting Kit

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Radiator Splash Shield Mounting Kit, 18-17766/67-S

Special studs, bolts & hardware to attach splash apron to frame & to bumper brackets. 1932 car, also 1932-34 Pickup.

Radiator Splash Shield, 40-16550

Mounts at base of radiator. 1933- 1934 car

Radiator Splash Shield, B-16527

Die stamped, Top quality that fits correctly. 1932 car. SEE SPECIAL INVENTORY CLEARANCE PRICING!
$75.00 $50.00

Screw, Nut, & Lock Washer Kit, B-80017

Screws into special stud securing splash shields, B-16527 & B-16527-CHOP, 1932 car