Radiator Shell, Insert, Trim & Parts-1932

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Grile Insert, B-8200-SR

All polished stainless steel, without crank hole, 1932 car

Grille Bars, B-8151-A

Plain steel, 1932 car. OUT OF STOCK

Grille Crank Hole Bezel, B-8211

Polished stainless steel, 1932 car

Grille Insert, B-8200-OS

All polished stainless steel, with crank hole. 1932 car

Radiator Shell Fastening Kit, A-8200-MK

12 piece, zinc plated 1/4-20 pan head screws, square nuts & lock washers. No brackets. Correct for 1932 car & 1932-1934 pickup and can be used for 1933-35 cars & 1935-36 pickups that require square nuts.

Radiator Shell Mounting Kit, 46-8094/6-B

With brackets, 1933-34 pickup only

Radiator Shell, B-8200-HRS

Steel, street rod type with filled neck hole, 1932 car,-