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600W Transmission & Rear Axle Oil, 1928-1948, M-400

Approximately equivalent to SAE 250. Also used in steering boxes.1 quart plastic bottle with pour spout. We offer 2 versions of this oil . This version is our preference and although it has a higher cost than our other offering M-400-L, it has slightly more viscosity. See more explanation below. However, both versions are proper for use in all 1928-1953 Ford cars & pickups.

Engine Paint, 1928-1941, RSP6

Ford green engine enamel, 11 oz spray can, 1932-941 car & pickup. --OUT OF STOCK-- SPRAY CANS CANNOT BE SHPPED IN US MAIL OR UPS AIR FREIGHT, ONLY VIA UPS GROUND.

Engine Paint, 1941-1948, RSP54

Ford blue engine enamel, 11 oz spray can, 1942-1948 car & 1941-1947 pickups. NOTE PAINT SPRAY CANS CANNOT SHIP VIA US MAIL, ONLY UPS.

Engine Paint, Pint, 1932-1941, RSP6P

Ford green engine enamel, 1 pint can, 1932-1941 car & pickup

Engine Paint, Quart, 1932-1941, RSP6Q

Ford green engine enamel, 1 quart can, 1932-1941 car & pickup

Rear Wheel Puller, A-1113-T

Clamp on type, all years, car & pickup

Rear Wheel Puller, WK4235

Knock off type, all years, car & pickup. OUT OF STOCK

Timken grease, 1928-1948, Grease

Timken wheel bearing grease, 1 lb container. OUT OF STOCK