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600W Transmission & Rear Axle Oil, 1928-1948, M-400

Approximately equivalent to SAE 250. Also used in steering boxes.1 quart plastic bottle with pour spout. See below for more info

Engine Paint, 1928-1941, RSP6

Ford green engine enamel, 11 oz spray can, 1932-941 car & pickup. SPRAY CANS CANNOT BE SHPPED IN US MAIL OR UPS AIR FREIGHT, ONLY VIA UPS GROUND.

Engine Paint, 1941-1948, RSP54

Ford blue engine enamel, 11 oz spray can, 1942-1948 car & 1941-1947 pickups. NOTE PAINT SPRAY CANS CANNOT SHIP VIA US MAIL, ONLY UPS.

Engine Paint, Pint, 1932-1941, RSP6P

Ford green engine enamel, 1 pint can, 1932-1941 car & pickup

Engine Paint, Quart, 1932-1941, RSP6Q

Ford green engine enamel, 1 quart can, 1932-1941 car & pickup.

Timken grease, 1928-1948, Grease

Timken wheel bearing grease, 1 lb container.

Weatherstrip Adhesive, M-500

5.0 ounce tube

Window Installation Tool, TL-1001

Window seal tool stick. This is one handy-dandy doodad. Made of a tough poly material. It won't scratch paint, tear rubber or cut skin. The chisel end is used to scrape off old material and spread glue. The round end installs rubber seals into channels with ease. OUT OF STOCK