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Detail & Specification Book, 1938-1941, VB43

Ford Commercial Car & Truck, contains invaluable information on paint specifications , engine and chassis specifications, photos and illustrations of most body styles, reprint of sales brochure, 36 pages & 68 illustrations

Sales Brochure, 1932, VB97

Ford V-8, poster style, fold out, 1932 car

Sales Brochure, 1932, VB98

A Great New Motor Car, 24 page color book, shows all passenger models, features & specifications, 1932 car

Sales Brochure, 1932, VB99

The New Ford Truck, commercial sales brochure, fold out style, 1932 truck

Sales Brochure, 1933, VB100

Fold out style, shows all passenger models and features for 1933 car

Sales Brochure, 1933, VB101

Approved Accessories, genuine Ford accessories for 1933 car, fold out style

Sales Brochure, 1933, VB102

Commercial, shows all truck body styles for 1933, fold out style

Sales Brochure, 1933, VB103

New Ford V-8, 10 page booklet explains new features for 1933 car & truck