Sending Unit and Parts

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Gas Tank Float, 68-9275-F

Float, brass as original.

Gas Tank Float, 68-9275-S

Float, solid modern type. "Never Leak" foam float.

Gas Tank Gasket, B-9276

Gauge to tank gasket. Use for original hydrostatic gauge/fuel pickup unit.

Gas Tank Sending Unit Cover, 48-700262

Sending unit hole cover in floor, cars 1937-1941

Gas Tank Sending Unit cover, 78-700262

Sending unit hole cover in floor, cars 1937-1941. OUT OF STOCK

Gas Tank Sending Unit Gasket, 68-9276

Sending unit to tank gasket, cork.

Gas Tank Sending Unit, 99A-9275

Includes gasket, ground wire & installation screws, Use with 6 or 12 volt, easily adjustable arm & float. 1936-55 Ford Truck - 1936-55 Ford Car 1939-55 Mercury Car

Hydrostatic Tank Adapter Kit, 40-9003

Adapter kit for 1933-1935 cars & pickups