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Ford Service Bulletins, , 1941-1948, VB129

Features all bulletins for the line that would become Ford's final expression under the traditional chassis engineering guidelines, covers all changes pertinent to production during these model years & includes the supplementary Troubleshooting Bulletins series, 384 pages, 360 illustrations, hardbound, 1941-1948 car & pickup

Ford Service Bulletins, 1932-1937, VB127

An assembly of the series of Service Bulletins originally issued periodically by the factory as primary reference for the dealers, includes specification changes and the story of how the V-8 Ford came about, cameo reproduction of showroom master catalog, 544 pages, 1932-1937 car & pickup

Ford Service Bulletins, 1933, VB4

For Ford V-8 of 1933, covers in great detail those problem areas known to require maintenance, contains reprints of Service Bulletins Volume 14, #'s 1-5, 88 pages, 64 illustrations, 1933 car & truck

Ford Service Bulletins, 1938-1940, VB128

Master indexed in a permanent new form, authorized dealer's revised copy with coverage extended to Lincoln, Zephyr & Mercury, 576 pages, 1938-1940 car

Service Instructions, 1932, VB2

For the Ford V-8 & 4 cylinder car & truck, compilation of service bulletins reprinted, 88 pages, 1932 car & truck