Spark Plugs

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Spark Plug Set, 40-12405-A

Autolite 386, 18mm, set of 8, 1933-1937 car & pickup. Auto spark plugs run a little hotter and are prefered for the daily driver. Plug gap 0.025-0.028".

Spark Plug Wire Nuts, B-12407

Spark plug wire brass nut set of 8, 1928-1936 car & pickup. OUT OF STOCK

Spark Plug, 7RA-12405-C

Champion, 14mm, 1938-1954 car & pickup.

Spark Plug, 7RA-12405-M

Motorcraft, 14mm, 1938-1954 car & pickup

Spark Plugs,18-12405-C

Champion, 4-cylinder, 1928-1934 car & pickup. OUT OF STOCK