Steering Column Parts

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Ignition Cylinder & Keys, 8A-11582-A

For early 1947 to 1948 cars where ignition switch housing is mounted beside steering column. Used with 6A-11572-B switch housing.

Ignition Lock Assembly to Dash Rubber Pad, 48-3682

1935-1937 cars and 1932-1947 pickups

Ignition Lock Cylinder, 48-3686

With key for locking steering column, includes 68-3729 lock pin, fits 1935 to early 1947 cars and also 1935-1947 pickups. Late 1947 and all 1948 cars use 6A-11652-B ignition switch housing which is mounted beside steering column. OUT OF STOCK- B-3686 IS SLIGHTLY SHORTER BUT CAN BE USED