Water Pumps and Parts

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V-8 Water Pump Gasket 18-8507

Water pump to block gasket, 1932-1936

V-8 Water Pump Gasket 78-8507

Water pump to block gasket, 1937-1948

V-8 Water Pump Gasket 8BA-8507

Water pump to block gasket, 1949-1953 8RT-8501 & 8RT-8502 water pumps

V-8 Water Pump Mounting Bolt Hardware 78-8501-MT-8

Set of (8) correct cadmium plated mounting bolts with lock washers to replace all water pump mounting hardware

V-8 Water Pump Mounting Bolts 78-8501-MT-2

Set of (2) mounting plated bolts with washers and frequently purchased to install into water outlet of water pump as the old ones can be quite corroded. Correct 1 1/4" length

V-8 Water Pump- NEW 8RT-8502-N

Left hand, pickup, includes gasket. (pumps were originally used on 1943-1953 pickups but later used when installing 8BA engine into 1932-1948 passenger and 1932-1947 pickups).

V-8 Water Pump- NEW, 78-8502-N

NEW, Left hand, cars & pickups. These water pumps have NEW housings, ceramic seals, sealed ball bearings and new helical impellers for improved cooling. Includes gasket.

V-8 Water Pump Rebuild Kit 68-8591

V8, 85HP, 1932-1936