Window Cranks With Knobs

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Window Crank, 01A-7023342-B

Brown with sand knob, 1940 Deluxe car.

Window Crank, 01A-7023342-C

Chrome with sand knob, 1940 Deluxe car.

Window Crank, 01A-702780

All chrome, 1940 Deluxe car. OUT OF STOCK

Window Crank, 11A-7023342

Chrome with tan knob, 1941 car

Window Crank, 11A-702780

All chrome, 1941-1948 car

Window Crank, 11C-7023342

Chrome with black knob, 1941-1947 pickup. Installation pins A-46250-P sold separately.

Window Crank, 21A-7023342-A

Chrome with maroon knob, 1942 Special

Window Crank, 21A-7023342-B

Chrome with butterscotch knob, 1942 Deluxe, Super Deluxe, closed car, convertible, & station wagon. AVIALBLE-ALLOW 1-2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY