Windshield Related Parts

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Pivot Bolt & Nut Set, A-45475-SS

Polished stainless steel, 4 piece set, 1928-1932 car & 1928-1934 pickup

Roll Out Knob Cover, 91A-7003120

Brown rubber cover that fits over your old chrome knob, 1939 car & pickup

Roll Out Knob, 91A-7003120-B

Chrome with brown rubber cover vulcanized on. A perfect copy. Includes stainless set screws. 1939 car & pickup. AVAILABLE-ALLOW 1-2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY

Slide Arm Nuts, B-45482

Pair, chrome plated, 1928-1932 car & 1928-1934 pickup.

Slide Arm Washer Set, A-45477-SS

Stainless steel with plastic insert, 4 piece set, 1928-1932 car & 1928-1934 pickup.

Wind Wing Bracket Set, A-18200-B

Die cast chrome plated with all hardware & rubber pads, 1930-1935 roadster & phaeton. OUT OF STOCK

Wind Wing Mirror, B-17700-WWSS

Clamps on the edge of wind glass with two rubber padded clamping arms.

Windshield Division Bar Set, 01A-7003078

Outside (stainless steel clad as original) and painted inside bar, 1940 closed car & 1940-1947 pickup.